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Blue Climate Summit : 7 RAW TAHITI artists boarded for the Ocean and the climate.

It was a first: Blue Climate Initiative organized from May 14th to 20th, the first Summit gathering more than 250 protagonists in French Polynesia, to think about innovative ocean-based solutions to fight against climate change. Since the working sessions took place mainly on board the cruise ship Paul Gauguin de Ponant, it was the opportunity for RAW TAHITI to embark the artworks designed by 7 artists of the RAW TAHITI collective committed to the protection of the Ocean.

A direct exposure to 250+ people from various international backgrounds

For several months, one of the most important environmental summits on climate change and innovative ocean-based solutions was being developed: the Blue Climate Summit took place from May 14 to 20 with a kick-off ceremony broadcast live by TNTV and Polynesia la Première and a Grand Closing Concert, Te Moana Nui O Hiva, performed by a group of local and international artists, notably from the Pacific.

Since the time was at the convergence of all the energies to carry the subject, Taina Calissi grabbed the offer made to her by the organizers, particularly Mrs. Jeanne Evrett, BCI's Director of Programs and Operations, as well as its CEO Mr. Stan Rowland, whom we thank infinitely, for this opportunity given to the Polynesian artists to hang their works on board, during the summit. It was an original exhibition in every way for the collective and its artists.

Here below les Tortues Pop'art de Fred Souny / Le grand format impressionnant de Maxime ROUAULT

7 artists from Polynesia and 1 artist from New Caledonia

The committed to ocean works by Johanna Tinomano, Mélissa Prokop, Romain Pater aka Maimoa, Bam Raiarii Bambridge, Patricia Bonnet, Fred Souny, Ninirei Temaiana had taken place during the summit in place of the works usually presented on board. The restrictions due to the navigation did not allow the presentation of all the works on foot but those hung regularly benefited from the spotlight during the workshops, at the time of the press briefing and the interviews of specialists.

Committed to the Ocean" next Solidarity Exhibition in Taravao

Last April, Raw Tahiti announced the opening in partnership with Kaiki & Co of the first social gallery located on the border of Papeari to Taravao on the West coast of Tahiti and was already planning the exhibition "Committed to the Ocean" targeting the World Ocean Day on June 8th. After the launching exhibition RAHU'A, the interexpo "Green Way", still in progress, "Committed to the Ocean" will take place on June 2nd and will last one month.



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